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Do you have a Strategic Marketing Plan?

Great! With a Strategic Marketing Plan, you are ahead of 80% of your competition. Are you following it? Having a plan is not have to DO IT if you want results. How's it working for you? Are you checking your plan regularly and making appropriate changes?

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Wine & Your Customers

Do You Have a Strategic Marketing Plan?

If you want your business to grow, you need a plan – not just any plan but a strategic marketing plan. What’s the difference? The following scenario should give you a better understand of the value of a strategic plan over one that is not.

The Strategic Difference

Strategic Marketing Plan

Say you’re going to the grocery store to get food for a party later this evening and you also need to stop at a few specialty stores for the following:

  • Meat – hot dogs, hamburger, and steak for kabobs
  • Wine – some red and some white to give your guests a choice
  • Rental Place – you need to rent a tent, chairs and a BBQ grill

You also need to get gas for your car while you’re out.

Now that’s a plan wouldn’t you say? I know what you’re thinking and you’re right. You want to prioritize your stops based on the most efficient way to shop. Now you’re being strategic. This strategy will save you time and gas money. It will also save you (hopefully) from running back out for what you forgot.

Your business needs the same strategy

You need to determine your short, mid, and long term goals and then map out a strategic plan on how to achieve them.

Do you have a strategic marketing plan in place? If you don’t, it’s costing you money and you’re company will not grow as it should.  You may want to download our FREE eBook that will help you as you plan your marketing strategy and activities.

Do you have a qualified employee to handle your marketing?

Or is your marketing handed to someone who needs a little more work to do so you’re getting your money’s worth? For some of you reading this that would be a shock. And it should be. However, there are others reading this that give the responsibilities to an administrative person who has little or no experience in marketing – “but someone’s got to do it”.

At Big Deal Marketing Group we are able to come along side your marketing department and assist with developing a marketing plan that is strategic and wholistic in its approach and design. We are also able to serve you as your Chief Development Officer – see How We Do It. In this role, we work with you the business owner to develop your strategic plan and then implement it for you. For more information on how we do this give us a call at 757-301-0123 for an appointment to review where you are today, where you want to be in the next 2 years, how you (currently) plan to do that and finally, what your lead-to-customer process is.  Call us! or send us an email.

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