Marketing That Makes Sense

10 Simple Steps to Help You Get Control of Your Marketing

Do you want your organization to grow? What are you doing different today than last year that is improving your business’s growth? If you’re not doing anything different, you will get the same results you’ve always had.  It’s time to break out of that rut and get started on the road to increase with this FREE eBook!

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Marketing That Makes Sense

What you’ll find inside this eBook…

  • How to examine your current marketing practices
  • Information on the importance of building measurement into each marketing task
  • Looking at your current status, your history and your future
  • Where your focus should be
  • Developing a customer persona
  • Your marketing budget
  • The dream, the goals, the steps and the timeframe
  • Information on the most important, but often left out, factor in marketing
  • The “Three Rs” of performance


Nothing happens until somebody sells something!

If your marketing is not leading visitors to your website and converting them to customers, you’re missing business. The 10 steps we outline in the eBook are simple enough but often it’s not easy to implement them. Are you a small business? You should spend at least one hour EVERY DAY on marketing. You need to be dreaming, setting goals, planning your steps and putting them to action. When you do, you will see noticeable results in your lead generation efforts.

When you think about it, most people get into business or start an organization to do “the thing”. You just want to do “the thing” for people. The problem comes when you’re out of friends, acquaitences and family members to do “the thing” for. It is the challenge of all organizations to find new customers to do “the thing” with and for. If you need new leads, we think this eBook will help.

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