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The larger your organization, the more it’s like herding cats…Marketing Plan Frustration

We begin with the “Marketing Roundup”. Many companies make the mistake of thinly spreading their marketing plan efforts over many avenues.  Depending on the size of your organization, depth not breadth gets better results.  We “round up” your marketing and look for the following:

  • Measurement
  • Content
  • Frequency
  • Impact
  • ROI

If you can’t measure it, you can’t determine ROI…so we measure everything.

Next, we look at your ability to handle the lead-to-customer journey.Marketing Plan - new customers

If marketing is the ability to generate qualified potential customers, then your process of taking leads and guiding them through that all important “funnel” to the eventual sale must be capable and effective. We examine your processes and practices to determine their effectiveness.

Next comes your growth goals and necessary capabilities to reach your goals.

If your sales increase beyond your ability to deliver, your in trouble.  An examination of your goals to increase your business will help us understand and make recommendations on how to develop a steady growth plan that won’t overtax your ability to deliver your products or services.

You gotta have a plan…

Whether you live in a mansion or a hut, there was a plan generated to build it.  The better the plan, the less trouble and the more savings from the process. Marketing is no different. If you want to grow your business the right way, you need a Strategic Marketing Plan that includes not only the items we listed above, but also incorporates an accurate understanding of who your customers are, and how to communicate to them effectively.strategic marketing plan

The initial thrust of your marketing depends on a capable website.

Your website is your business’s front door.  Virtually EVERYONE will check your website to see who you are and if you have what they want. Most websites are too cluttered, invisible to search engines, are difficult to navigate and don’t produce leads. Does that sound like your website? 9 out of 10 reading this will say “yes”.

Our marketing plan is designed to sell your product or make your phone ring…

We do this by sending potential customers to your website for compelling reasons to buy or contact you.

Marketing Plan - the customer


Customer sales and service is everything…

If you sell products over the internet, you need a good customer service process to minimize returns and maximize customer retention and repeat business. If you don’t sell  a product from your website you are dependent on talking to potential customers to close the sale.

Whether you sell from the website or over the phone, the bottom line is increased sales. We are highly experienced in generating leads and closing them.

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