Developing a Social Media Plan

Chances are you’re not taking this very seriously…Social Media Plan Guy

But you should. Your social media plan is arguably the most cost-effective means of getting the word out to your potential customers.

If you can fog a mirror, you probably spend at least 1 hour daily on social media –

…and so do your potential customers. If you want to reach them, you need to go where they are. A good place to start is to consider your own social media habits. What makes you click on a story or link? When you read the story did you get what you were looking for or were you tricked by a misleading headline? And how did that make you feel?

An effective social media plan does (at least) 5 things really well:Social Media Plan Directives

     Has compelling posts that get liked & shared

     Builds community

     Gains following

     Gets visitors to your website

     Brings you new business

An effective social media plan includes:

  • A consistent posting schedule
  • Posting that is relevant and informative but not always selling (too much selling is a turnoff)
  • An eBook to generate an email list
  • Posts that link to your blog and/or newsletter (yes, you need these)

But what social media platform is best for MY business?social media plan images

That depends. Is your company a B2B or B2C business? Are you in entertainment? Do you head a large organization? Are you in the ministry? These (and other factors) all drive the developmental process of our social media planning.

Choosing the most effective social platform (Facebook ETAL) is essential; more importantly, content and consistency are the key to getting results – and that takes someone who is dedicated to these activities. We can do this for you or we can train your designated person on how to implement the plan. Your choice. Choose today!

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