Welcome to Marketing Hell…

Yes, you’re welcome, no…marketing is not hell. I just wanted to get your attention. I put together a quick slide show for a presentation earlier this morning and thought it would be good to share with you.

Laying the ground work…

  • Nothing happens until somebody sells something
  • Everything is sold
  • YOU are a sales person
  • It takes sales to grow your business
  • To make a sale you need a customer

Marketing and Sales are not the same…

Marketing is looking for potential customers. Sooner or later you run out of friends and family and you need to attract new customers who don’t know you or your business and whom you don’t know. Marketing creates opportunities to do business.

Sales is the process of turning opportunities in customers. If your marketing efforts are effective, your opportunities will be well qualified. Marketing brings them to your door but you have to invited them in and close the door (deal).

Stating the obvious…

You need to do both if you want to do your business. Just as there are four legs to a table, there are four legs to marketing. They are:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Sales Strategy
  • Customer Targeting
  • Marketing Actions

Expand each image below to see that each of these marketing “legs” has four focus areas. To keep this blog from getting out of hand I’m not going to delineate on each of these areas. If you want to discuss these please schedule a short meeting with me. You can call me at 757-301-0123 or schedule a meeting here.

It’s all about the Customer…

The customer experience is what closes the back door of your business. You invite them by making the sale but you want to keep them – not lose them to your competition. This is closing the back door. Examine the image below to see that you need to move your customers from the transactional level to the more relational level by integrating these actions into your customer retention initiatives.

Customer Experience

For those of you who prefer tables…

This Marketing Matrix shows you how all this is related.

If you want to discuss these please schedule a short meeting with me or call me at 757-301-0123. Happy selling!