Maybe you already have a marketing plan in place…

Website plan clown…but you know that this guy isn’t going to take your website to the next level.

What you do need is someone who understands your business and your customer.  Are you ready for a website plan that gets results?

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How we develop kick-**s website plans…

Your website plan incorporates what we call Psycho-Marketing…with Attitude!

Website plan psycho-marketing

Really? Yes, but we’re not psychos. There is a proven, measurable psychology to all effective communication. Your website is no different. What makes people buy? What compels them to click a link or contact you? What keeps them from clicking off your site to return to search?

We custom-develop your website for results. Whether you’re site sells products or intangibles, “we have ways of making you talk” – with content development that compels your site visitor to action. We have a rule of thumb called 3 clicks, or 3 minutes. If you consider your behavior when you examine anyone’s website you’ll agree that something needs to happen (i.e., contact) usually within the “3 or 3” rule if your website is going to be effective. This is accomplished through a less is more developmental approach. We like simple, we like white space, and so do your customers.

Understanding your customer is critical to your ability to communicate effectively with them. You may want to download our FREE eBook to get some helpful tips on creating customer personas that will improve your website communication.

Your website needs to convert visitors to qualified leads. We do this by developing content that is relevant and compelling.

There is so much more we could say…

But you get the idea. And we want to talk with you. Call us for an appointment to examine your website’s relevance and lead-generating capabilities.

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